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Believe it or not, holiday season is approaching. And while you’re probably already dreaming of your plans for the end of year vacation, you might be stressed out by the thought of how much work it takes to prepare and plan. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to avoid jumping into a full-on panic attack this holiday season. Here are some helpful tips:

Get Organized.

Getting organized is the key to a stress-free holiday season. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a list of what you need to do and then prioritizing it. This will help make sure that you don’t feel overwhelmed when December rolls around, because you’ll know exactly what needs doing and when it needs doing.

If you’re not sure where to start or if your schedule has been particularly busy recently, try making a short list of all the tasks that need completing before Christmas arrives: things like buying presents, wrapping presents and preparing food for Christmas Day (or any other family celebrations). Then break each one down into smaller chunks so that they’re easier to manage—for example, buying presents could involve thinking about what people want; choosing gifts based on budgets; going shopping; wrapping them up nicely; writing cards etc.”


Ask for help. It may seem daunting to ask others to help you with your holiday preparations, but it will be worth it in the end! You can’t do everything on your own and you don’t want to miss out on everything this holiday season because you’re too stressed out over the preparations. If you have friends or family that live nearby, ask them if they could come over a few times throughout December and help out with some of the tasks. If anyone has volunteered at their church before, don’t be afraid to ask them for assistance as well—they might even have a spare room where everyone can stay! And if there aren’t any churches nearby? Donate through one of their charitable organizations instead of shopping at Target and Wal-Mart (which also supports those companies by giving them money).

You should also reach out into your community by asking people if they need any more help cooking meals or making toys for disadvantaged children who may not get presents from Santa Claus this year due to financial hardship caused by unjust tax policies passed by Congress; maybe even offer services like buying groceries online when others cannot make it into town because of bad weather conditions caused by global warming deniers who refuse education programs designed specifically towards adults because they think schools are “too liberal.”

Focus on the things that matter most to you and your family.

The holidays can be a stressful time. You may feel pressure to spend money, buy presents for everyone you know and attend holiday parties on the regular. But don’t get caught up in all of these trappings. Instead of worrying about what other people are doing, focus on what matters most to you and your family. Do what brings you joy during this season of giving and sharing!

Make Time for Yourself.

Making time for yourself, whether it’s through meditation or going for a run, is essential to having a happy holiday season. Take some time out of each day to do the things you enjoy and de-stress by doing so.

  • Find ways to relax:
  • Take a bath or shower with relaxing scents like lavender and eucalyptus oils (or try our Relaxing Aromatherapy Kit!)
  • Try reading in bed while sipping on your favorite tea (try one of these delicious blends!).
  • Get cozy with a hot cup of cocoa topped with whipped cream and mini marshmallows (not just for kids).

Be Creative With Gift Ideas.

It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday hustle and bustle, especially if you are hosting a large family gathering. But don’t let that stress level rise! The best way to avoid stress is by staying organized.

  • Make a list of all the people you need to buy for. This includes your immediate family, extended family members, close friends and acquaintances who have become good friends over time.
  • Think about what they want or need from you as a gift giver throughout the year – maybe it’s something small like flowers once every few months or something bigger like an annual trip somewhere fun (or just going out together). Maybe they have their own traditions that don’t involve receiving gifts – why not join in on those instead?
  • Don’t forget about yourself! If you can afford it then splurge on yourself with something nice too! It doesn’t have to be expensive but it should make YOU feel good while wearing/using/looking at whatever item(s) said splurge consists of!”

Take care of YOU during the holidays.

Now that you’ve taken the time to think about how your family will be affected by the holidays, let’s turn our attention back to YOU.

For many of us, this is a time of year when we feel compelled to push ourselves to their very limits. We go above and beyond—that’s what it means to do things as if for “the greater good.” But remember: The greater good starts with you! You can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself first. Take some time each day (or better yet, every day) to make sure that everything is okay in your world: mental health; physical health; emotional health–all these things need tending so they can continue working properly without any stress or strain on them while they are under such an intense workload during the holidays.

If taking care of yourself doesn’t fit into your schedule right now then try using some techniques like yoga, meditation or even just deep breathing exercises; these simple exercises can help relieve stress while also providing numerous other benefits such as improved mental clarity (which will come in handy when it comes time for gift shopping), reduced anxiety levels and even decreased blood pressure levels which helps reduce chances against heart disease later down the line when life gets really busy again after Christmas ends up being over!”

Eat well and stay active.

Eat well and stay active. It’s important to eat at regular times and enjoy a healthy, balanced diet throughout the holidays. Try not to miss meals and make sure you always have snacks available when you need them.

If you’re looking for ways to avoid unhealthy food during the holidays, consider visiting an Advent calendar that has 24 small portions of healthy treats instead of chocolate! If this sounds like a good option for you then visit our website: www(dot)holidaysandhome(dot)com/advent-calendars/

Don’t stress out the holidays, it is the most wonderful time of year!

This season, it’s important to remember that you are a gift to the world. Your gifts have the power to lift up people and make this world a better place!

Here are some tips for making sure your holiday is joyful and stress-free:

  • Plan ahead for what you need to do so that there aren’t any surprises come Christmas morning.
  • Make time for yourself and focus on what matters most, which is YOU!
  • Do something creative with your gift ideas like making homemade gifts or writing cards instead of buying them from stores (these can be more meaningful than store bought).
  • Eat well and stay active during the holidays so that you can enjoy yourself without worrying about being sick later down the road.


We hope you’re feeling like a stress-free holiday season is within reach. Now that you’ve got a solid plan, it’s time to put it into action and start enjoying your holidays again! The only thing left to do is have a very happy holiday season and New Year!


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