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About TigerCampus UAE Premium Home Tuition

Tiger Campus home tuition provides flexibility and convenience to parents and students all over UAE.

Our tutors can address any special needs and work to ensure that the student is getting help in those areas that need the most attention.

Parents, together with our tutors can also set goals and objectives. This improves oral capacity to recite in class, develops capacity to think more with reasonable thoughts, and motivates the student when taking the exams. 

With TigerCampus home tuition, parents also get the opportunity to keep track of the performance of their child and to discuss the progress of their child with the tutor after every lesson. 

Our tutors can guide parents regarding all that could be done towards improving the performance or academic grades of their child.

Why choose home tuition?

  1. More private face-to-face discussion and interaction between tutors and students.
  2. Small class sizes allow the tutor to personalize and tailor a lesson accordingly with the student’s pace and understanding.
  3. With more attention from the tutor, a student is able to be motivated to take on challenges ahead which increases the students performance in school and examination.
  4. Personalized lessons helps in better assessment of the student’s performance.
  5. Of course, parents & students will likely improved exam scores and grades. 


Where could you find the right Home Tutor for your child?

Tiger Campus UAE is one of the premium online tuition centers in the UAE. We have at-home and online tutors for different levels and subjects. Tiger Campus UAE tutors are able to provide quality home and online tuition for any subject. Get a free trial today with a tutor from TigerCampus UAE.

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