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Learning new things after graduating from school can be difficult, especially for things outside of your field. Get help from a tutor who is an expert in the subject—and how to teach it.

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As an adult. you’re often packed with busy schedules with work and personal matters. Finding enough time during the day to squeeze in  tuition is usually a struggle. With online tuition assistance provided by TigerCampus UAE, you’ll be able to take your tuition sessions anytime and anywhere. Take tuition sessions in between your work hours or during the evenings. 

Also, receive immediate guidance and feedback from us through our timely customer service team. We’ll provide you with scheduling flexibility with our tutors to help you prepare for any kind of assignment or exam.

What exactly is an “Adult Tutor”?

An Adult Tutor is a person who teaches, supports, and conducts adult education. They use a variety of techniques and theories to assist adults (those over the age of 18) in learning a specific subject or topic.

What distinguishes “Adult Tuition” from “Kids Tuition?”

Teaching adults and teaching kids requires distinct methods. For example, seeing how young children in Early Years and Primary education are taught differently than secondary-aged children, who are taught differently than those in Higher Education, such as University or College. Pedagogy, the overall approach, and practice of teaching, is the foundation for teaching children and young people. 

Adult tuition, on the other hand, is more based on logic, reasoning, and relevance. Because people’s brains are fully matured by their mid-20s, they will have many developmental and cognitive distinctions from youngsters whose brains are still developing. They will also differ in terms of social and interpersonal interactions. Adults will be more driven and self-directed and may require less instruction than younger children. 

Key factors we take into account when tuition adults

  • Adult tuition focuses on problem-solving rather than simply reviewing knowledge.
  • Adults are influenced more by their own internal impulses rather than external influences.
  • Adults must understand why they are learning something.
  • Adults’ experiences, whether they succeed or fail, create the best foundations for their learning.
  • Adults will be more interested in subjects that are relevant to their lives or jobs.
  • Adults will want a say in their education and to be able to make their own decisions.

TigerCampus UAE tutors provide one-on-one, in-home, and online instruction to adults of all ages. College and university-level resources, coding and programming, ESL (English as a Second Language), GED Exam Preparation, digital arts, video creation, and other learning objectives are among our offerings. Whatever your adult educational or occupational needs are, you can rely on us to help you achieve your academic goals! Check out the list of adult tuition subjects provided below. Set up a free trial with us today via Whatsapp!

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