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Get help navigating the admissions process to your dream school with academic tutoring by TigerCampus and expert boarding school consulting by Choice Boarding Consultants.


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As competition for entrance to higher education institutions keeps rising, the need of preparing your child for success in school has become more clear. Boarding schools are known to be college preparation institutions. While public and private schools can match (and sometimes exceed) the academic intensity of boarding schools, they can never adequately model and teach the life skills required for confidently joining university life. The social skills and character building gained while experiencing the communal and social parts of boarding school life, in particular, remain to be a valuable asset in any student’s life.

TigerCampus, along with expert independent school consulting partner Choice Boarding Consultants will provide you with consulting and application assistance for entering the top boarding schools in the United States.

About Choice Boarding Consultants

Choice Boarding Consultants are dedicated to streamlining the boarding school application process for students and families. They have provided assistance to over one thousand applications to students across the globe. With over 20,000 hours of consulting experience under them, they have the expert knowledge to guide students and families through the independent school application process to successfully enter the best learning institutions the US can offer.


From the beginning to the end, we will guide your family through the entire application process, available to answer questions and assist  at every step along the way.

Services included in this package are: school list creation, campus visit coordination, essay workshopping and review, academic advising, application advocacy, etc.

This option is for families who feel comfortable tackling the admissions process alone, but value another set of experienced eyes take a look at the complete application to offer areas of improvement and advice before submission

There’s a long list of logistics involved in scheduling and planning your campus tours. Let us handle it all. We will work to plan and book an organized and stress free trip.

* A counselor can be available to tour schools alongside your family *

This critical step in the application process is your child’s opportunity to put his/her best foot forward. Don’t go into it unprepared. Sit down with an experienced admission officer who will provide feedback as well as offer tips to help take your interview to the next level.

Writing compelling essays can be the most daunting part of the application – receive guidance in finding the best ways to present yourself on paper. Work to brainstorm ideas, as well as write and re-write application essays until you are satisfied. 

Creating a list of schools that will be most conducive to the success of each student is paramount. Our conselors will work to find schools that will match family values as well as provide the best academic and social environment for each child.

For all Malaysian applicants an I-20 visa is necessary to study in the states. We interface with families and embassies to make the process simple. 

Past students have successfully entered these top boarding schools

  • St. Michael’s University School
  • Harvard Westlake
  • Interlochen
  • Besant Hill School
  • Buxton School
  • Choate Rosemary Hall
  • Hawaii Preparatory Academy
  • Philips Exeter Academy
  • The Hotchkiss School
  • Deerfield Academy
  • The Taft School
  • Lawrenceville School
  • ‘Iolani School
  • And More

Tamara Sinclair, Founder of Choice Boarding Consultants

Having both attended and worked in prestigious boarding institutions, Tamara Sinclair, founder of Choice Boarding Consultants, has gained valuable insights into what it takes to be a successful applicant.

Tamara attended The Taft School for her high school years before earning a B.A. in Biological Basis of Behavior from the University of Pennsylvania. After college, she moved to Asia, living in both Japan and Thailand teaching at an International School and leading workshops on business presentations. Upon returning to the US, she rejoined the Taft community as the Director of Multicultural Recruitment in the admissions department, interviewing candidates from all over the world. 

In 2018, Tamara started her own company, though she remains involved with her alma mater as a member of their board of trustees. Tamara views the application process holistically while highlighting the interview and essays as critical components. Her goal is to help students adequately prepare for and confidently tackle admissions season.

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