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7 Online Tutoring Tools To Improve Your Grades


Whether you’re a student who wants to raise your grade or a tutor looking for ways to improve the way you teach, online tutoring sites can be an invaluable resource. Here are some of my favorite online tutoring tools:

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free online tutoring tool. It’s part of the Google Apps for Education suite of tools, which gives teachers access to a cloud-based service that allows them to create, collect and grade assignments as well as communicate with students. Google Classroom can be used for virtual classrooms or peer-to-peer learning if you prefer face-to-face instruction over online classes.


GoConqr is an online tutoring platform that offers live tutoring, homework help and test prep. It’s free to use, and GoConqr provides you with a tutor specialising in your study subject. The platform has thousands of experts from around the world ready to tackle any academic issue you’re having. GoConqr also has an app that makes it easy to find and schedule tutors on-the-go, so you can get help wherever you need it most!


Quizlet is a free online tool that allows you to create and study flashcards, quizzes and games. You can use Quizlet to study for tests, learn new vocabulary, practice spelling and more. Quizlet is available on all devices from your phone or tablet to your laptop or desktop computer. It’s also accessible via our mobile apps for Android and iOS devices (and even Kindle Fire).


Classtree is a free online tutoring platform that connects students with tutors through video and messaging. The platform allows you to create your own schedule, set your own rates, and even sell your services as a tutor. Classtree is designed to be used by both individual students and teachers who want to offer their services to other people as well as schools looking for an affordable way to provide after-school help for their students. It also comes with an app that allows you or anyone from your school community (teachers included) access any time of day or night on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets so no matter where they are there’s always someone there willing to help them out with their homework! If you’re worried about privacy then don’t because Classtree uses end-to-end encryption so nobody but those using this program will ever know what’s going on inside it unless they have permission from everyone involved first.”


Evernote is a great tool for note taking and studying. Evernote is also a great tool for organizing your thoughts.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization with the mission of providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere. They have over 4,000 videos covering everything from arithmetic, algebra and geometry to biology, chemistry and physics. The Khan Academy is designed to be helpful for students of all ages and proficiency levels. The site has different levels of complexity depending on the subject matter you want to learn about (e.g., Algebra 1 vs Algebra 2). The videos are also available in multiple languages including English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese — which makes it easy for students to learn a new language while improving their skills at home!


Testmoz is a free online tool that helps you study for standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, and GRE. There are practice tests and quizzes for each of these exams and it’s really easy to track your progress as you take the quizzes. There is also a lot of other great stuff in Testmoz including flashcards, games and even an option to create your own quiz!

Online tutoring sites can help you raise your grade.

Online tutoring is a great way to learn something new, get ahead, or just pass the time. These sites offer courses in everything from history to art to science and more. You can also find online tutors who specialize in test prep (especially SAT/ACT), writing help (like resume writing or cover letters), and ESL instruction.


There are many online tutoring sites that can help you raise your grades. They’re all great in their own way and will be helpful depending on what kind of student you are. Some sites focus on different subjects, like math or science. Others offer specific features such as quizzes and flashcards.


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