6 Required qualifications in order to teach in Dubai

qualifications to teach in Dubai

1. At the very least you must have a university degree.

At the very least, you must have a university degree. This is an absolute requirement, without which you will not even be considered for a teaching position. Having a master’s degree, particularly in educational leadership, can be advantageous for getting a position in Dubai.

Those who have a university degree that is not in education may still gain employment as a teacher by taking a bridging course or completing their teacher training while working in Dubai.

2. You must have at least two years of teaching experience.

This is the most straightforward point on our list. You need to have at least two years of experience in your chosen field of education. This can be full-time or part-time teaching, but the experience must have gained your relevant skills for the job you are applying for.

You can also combine both parts- and full-time teaching experience to make up the two years, as long as it adds up to a total of 24 months over this period.

The good news is that your teaching experience doesn’t need to have been gained in Dubai – it can be from anywhere!

3. Your first teaching experience cannot be in Dubai.

To teach in Dubai, you must have a minimum of two years of teaching experience. You must obtain this experience first before applying for a position in the UAE. In addition, your first year of teaching must be within your home country or in another country where English is the primary language. This is due to the high-stress levels associated with teaching abroad and dealing with an unknown environment—language barriers, cultural shifts, and unfamiliar surroundings can make anyone feel overwhelmed! Luckily, there are many opportunities for new teachers to gain valuable classroom experience before venturing into an international job market.

Furthermore, you need to note that even if you have prior teaching experience in Dubai or another Arab nation, this will not satisfy the two-year requirement. The ministry wants to ensure that all English language instructors who work at its schools have sufficient classroom experience outside of the UAE.

4. You must be certified as a teacher in your home country.

You need to be certified as a teacher in your home country.

The certification must meet the minimum requirements of the Ministry of Education in your home country.

The certificate, license, or degree must be in the subject you want to teach or a related field if you are a primary school teacher.

If your education is from outside of North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia you will need to have it evaluated by WES (World Education Services).

5. You must have relevant teaching qualifications: PGCE, PGDE, Bachelors of Education, or another teaching diploma.

Teaching in the UAE is a dream job for many. You get to enjoy the perks of living in this rich, diverse and exciting part of the world, all while earning a good salary. However, there are certain requirements that you’ll need to meet if you want to work as a teacher here. The first requirement is that you must have at least a university degree. This is essential for most teaching jobs in Dubai, but not always required for non-teaching roles within schools such as administration. In addition to your degree, you’ll also need experience: most schools will require at least two years of teaching experience before they’ll consider hiring you.

The final two requirements are around your qualifications. To teach at any level in schools and universities across Dubai, the Ministry of Education requires that all teachers possess relevant teaching qualifications: PGCE, PGDE, Bachelors of Education, or other teaching diplomas approved by KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority). If you’re applying to teach at an international school or university, your academic training should be relevant to the subject/s that you wish to teach.

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6. You should have academic training in the subject you want to teach.

While the first point may seem obvious, another great way to ensure you have the necessary subject knowledge is to be able to identify where you can find it.

In addition, some schools in Dubai will accept teachers who have a degree in one field of study and additional relevant qualifications or experience in another, especially when it comes to teaching English or science fields. If unsure, consult your school’s human resources personnel.

Working in Dubai is a great opportunity, but you can’t just jump into it without preparation and planning.

Before you start looking for jobs in Dubai, it is important to understand what you are getting yourself into. There is a lot of planning that needs to be done before you jump into teaching in the UAE.

  • Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into – understand the risks and rewards
  • Plan your finances – will the salary be enough for your lifestyle?
  • Make sure your family will cope with the change in culture

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